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Declaration by Elmar Brok, Marietta Giannakou and Ioannis Kasoulides

Τρίτη, 16 Μαρτίου 2010

The principal achievement of the European Union has been to consolidate peace and friendship between the peoples of Europe who in the past fought each other and the construction of security and prosperity in the European continent.


We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, Marietta Giannakou and Ioannis Kasoulides want to defend this tradition of cooperation and mutual understanding and respect.

We wish to dissociate ourselves from public statements, comments attitudes and actions, which are drawing a false and unreal picture of distrust and controversy between peoples of Europe. Such manifestations, where ever they come from, cannot divide the peoples of Europe, nor impact upon the integrationist policies of the Union, including the EMU.

The present fiscal problems in one Member State due to internal shortcomings and accentuated by the world economic crisis should not be used for collective accusations against a nation and all her citizens. Besides, similar problems have arisen in the past and may possibly occur in the future in other Member States. Greece is able and should immediately deal with its fiscal problems with determination. Then there will be the solidarity of its partners in Europe.

The European integration constitutes a union of states and a union of citizens. It is constructed upon the principles of cooperation, mutual respect and allegiance to the Treaties. Based on these principles a lot has been achieved. The people of Europe enjoy now peace, stability and prosperity.

At the present juncture we are called upon to sustain this acquis of cooperation, allegiance and reciprocity. We should defend the political and economic integration against certain speculative interests who are about to exploit the present situation in Greece as well as any populist arguments that foment euro-scepticism, doubt about the future of EU political integration and the interests of the people of Europe.

Elmar BROK, Marietta GIANNAKOU and Ioannis KASOULIDES.