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Environmental Impact of Gas Pipeline in Baltic Sea

Δευτέρα, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2009

ORAL QUESTION WITH DEBATE pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure

ΕΡ: A commercial project aiming at the construction in the Baltic Sea of the North European gas pipeline is being implemented. Although of purely commercial origin, this project was granted a trans-European network status. Therefore the EU institutions should play a more conscious and active role during its implementation.

Parliament has adopted a resolution on the environmental impact of the planned gas pipeline (P6_TA(2008)0336). The EU institutions and Member States have been called on to take positions regarding, inter alia, a truly independent environmental impact assessment of the project. Several EU Member States bordering the Baltic Sea disagree with the assessment that was paid for in advance by the 'Nord Stream' company and regard it as unreliable while Parliament's requests remain ignored by business and Governments. We deplore the fact the EU institutions, in most cases, have not taken any measures.
Has the Commission analysed the environmental impact of the construction of the North European gas pipeline, particularly where considerations requiring a Commission opinion are involved, as specified in Directive 92/43/EEC(1)?
Has the Commission conducted or ensured the conduct of a thorough assessment of whether the project's implementation is in keeping with EU legislation especially as regards environmental impact assessments and international law? Has the Commission required the project constructors and operators to assume full liability for compensation in case of a major failure in the pipeline or if construction work dislodges large amounts of poisonous sediment or discloses deadly chemicals in bombs and shells dumped after the Second World War?

OJ L 206, 22.7.1992, p. 7.